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Investor Friendly Title companies, Investor Friendly lenders, Investor Friendly real estate agents, and Investor Friendly attorneys may conduct closings.

Conveyance is by warranty deed which must give the full consideration involved or be accompanied by an affidavit which does.

Many transactions involve land contracts. Mortgages are the security instruments. Private foreclosure is permitted; it requires advertising for 4 consecutive weeks and a sale at least 28 days following the date of first publication.

The redemption period ranges from 1 to 12 months. Michiganders use ALTA policies and endorsements.

Buyers generally pay closing costs and the lender’s title insurance premium, and sellers pay the state transfer tax and the owner’s title insurance premium.

Those property taxes which pay for city and school expenses fall due July 1st; others (county taxes, township taxes, and some school taxes) fall due on the first of December. In many tax jurisdictions, taxpayers may opt to pay their taxes in two equal installments without penalty.

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